Monday, August 13, 2012

Stephen Stills-Thoroughfare Gap

Thoroughfare Gap
Thoroughfare Gap," probably Stills' least essential album, but which sounds better now than it did in 1978. (Compared to most current music, just about anything from 30 years ago sounds better.) At any rate, "Stills" (1975) and "Illegal Stills" (1976)can stand with the man's more well-known efforts, both arguably superior to either "Stephen Stills 2" or "Down the Road." As for the shortcomings mentioned in another review, the first 10 seconds of "First Things First" are also missing on the CD issued by Columbia, so BGO can't be blamed for that. Regarding sound quality, compare the Columbia CD of "Illegal Stills" with the new version and it's obvious the audio has been upgraded. Maybe not dramatically, but it's nice to have the "bottom" restored without having to boost the bass control on one's receiver. The liner notes are interesting, though flawed ("Love the One You're With" and "Sit Yourself Down" are NOT on "Stephen Stills 2.") All in all, an essential release for any fan of Stephen Stills. The Title song is a favortite of mine, reminds me of summer.

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