Friday, August 31, 2012

Charlie Daniels Band-Million Mile Reflections

Million Mile Reflections
If you are one of those people who only have Charlie Daniels Greatest Hits you are missing some of his best work. Albums like Million Mile Reflections and Fire on the Mountain are solid from beginning to end. When you get past the many hits you will find some good Jams. And "Jams", is what they are. You can't call it Country or Country Rock or Jazz, although atributes of those genres are mixed in, it's just a jam. This album contains CDB's biggest hit, Devil Went Down to Georgia which may have caused other tracks on this album to be passed over. Reflections is a haunting ballad worthy of more attention. Blue Star is an outstanding song. You owe it to yourself to check out these CDB albums from the 70's and getting to know the classic talent that is Charlie Daniels Band. As is likely with other buyers of Million Mile Reflections, I was attracted to it by The Devil Went Down To Georgia.That song sounds as good as ever, however to my suprise the remainder of the album majors more on Southern Rock, with some Jazz Rock, rather than Country Rock. After a second play I have found more songs that take my interest, they are Passing Lane, Behind Your Eyes and the poignant Blind Man.
In 1969 Charlie played on Bob Dylan's Nashville Skyline, so if he is good enough for Bob, he's certainly worth getting to know.

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