Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blackfoot- Medicine Man

Medicine Man
Rick Medlock

This is a very strong effort from Rick Medlocke and his hired guns to me the best song on here is soldier blue you can feel the indian blood and sweat and influence in the music itself going back to his roots and the songwriting all in all it puts chill bumps on my skin everytime i hear this song , theres not a bad song on here ,doin my job the opening song talkin bout payin his dues as a rocker,guitar slingers song and dance is a long power ballad and aired on radio, good song ,this recording is out of print i only recorded from cassete to cdr but its not the greatest recording but it will have to do till it gets reissued. if you like blackfoot and find this you better hop on it its an underrated gem.... The production on this is the best that Rickey ever had. The songs kick-butt, and it's all hard-rockin' stuff with a more modern sound. Not cheesy and commercial,just much better production all around. It's not the old band,but it's all Medlocke and you hear some of it on the Rattlesnake Rocker compilation.

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