Monday, August 27, 2012

Marshall Tucker Band-Just Us

Just Us
JUST US was Marshall Tucker's illustrious followup to the miserable TUCKERIZED, but, unfortunately, its last great album until 2004. This time the band produced itself, and blind keyboardist Ronnie Godfrey, now fully integrated into the band, proved that his blindness was no handicap, contributing greatly to the writing here. You would think that Godfrey would spur the band on to further masterpieces, but unfortunately, the group hit a slide immediately afterwards from which it would not recover until the astonishing BEYOND THE HORIZON, a problem caused by the departure of all but two of the band's members. Nevertheless, you shouldn't pass this CD up.

Just Us is an excellent album with Toy Caldwell showing just how the guitar should be played, Doug Gray's strong lead vocals, Paul Riddle 'Mr. Automatic' on the drums, Jerry Eubanks on horns and George McCorkle on acoustic guitar. Unfortunately, Toy's brother Tommy had recently died and was replaced on bass, but the album is still an excellent effort and worth the purchase. If you happen to be a Tuckerhead, you won't be disapointed.

Not quite as good as Tenth or Where We All Belong (the fabulous and somewhat rare MTB live album from 74), but Just Us is a must buy.

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