Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Paul Cotton-Changing Horses

Changing Horses
This is Paul Cotton's first solo effort. Paul is best known for his years of songwriting and guitar work with Poco. Notably, some of Poco's biggest hits were Cotton penned (Legend, Indian Summer, Under the Gun). In fact, Paul's reworking of "Heart of the Night" is one of the CD's highlights. Released in 1990, the title "Changing Horses", is obviously a metaphor to describe his musical direction. This is NOT Poco. But it is pure Paul Cotton. Paul was the one to bring the rock edge to Poco. His smoky voice is a perfect compliment to the clean guitar work, and melodic songwriting. Paul was once quoted as saying, "I was really into Robert Plant's early solo albums", and it is clear here in both production and mixing. Cotton manages to keep a smooth even flow with some very effective songwriting. He also manages to squire some help from Garth Hudson (The Band), Steve Lukather (Toto), and Christopher Cross. Well worth adding to your collection, if you can find it.

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