Thursday, March 7, 2013

Leadon, Hillman, Perkins- Ever Call ready

Ever Call Ready
Bernie Leadon
Chris Hillman
Al Perkins
Many years ago (22 to be exact) maranatha music released this gem of a project featuring a veritable hall of fame supergroup of musicians whose pedigree lines included the byrds, the eagles, the flying burrito brothers, bob dylan's rolling thunder review, souther-hillman-furay band, stephen stills' manassas etc.It wasn't a country rock project though but rather an affectionate nod to traditional bluegrass, performed with great affection. It was so well done that it made me into a fan. I was so thrilled to find out that Sierra Records had put it on Cd and re-released it. This should be in any country rock or folk buffs collection. Standout tracks are "I'm using my bible for a roadmap" and "Don't let them take the Bible out of our school rooms". "Boat of love" has some of the most exquisite vocal harmonies and all the musicians, especially Al Perkins and David Mansfield play with carefree but virtuotistic flair. IF you love the Desert Rose Band, as I do you'll love to hear Chris Hillman sing pure bluegrass - its wonderful!! 

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