Thursday, March 7, 2013


Beef Eaters
"The Beefeaters" was the name of the band before they changed it to "The Byrds". They released only one single, in 1964.  Jim Dickson, their manager, knew that they had to have a unique style. Therefore he decided that the group had to practice day in day out. From all the recordings they had already made the two songs "Please Let Me Love You" and "Don't Be Long" were selected as tracks for the single release, but Dickson insisted that those songs should be rerecorded with the help of session musicians. Ray Pohlman played the bass and Earl Palmer was hired for the drums. Jim McGuinn played his twelve string guitar and Gene Clark the rhythm guitar. The vocals were provided by McGuinn, Clark and Crosby. Jac Holzman, head of Electra Records, did not like the group's name JET SET, therefore he named them BEEFEATERS. This is the reason, why the first single release has got this unusual name.

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