Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Allman Brothers Band- 1st

Allman Brothers Band
There is nothing, I repeat, nothing weak about this album. From the beginning of the first track "Don't Want You No More", it takes only a nanosecond to be hooked by the genius that was the original Allman Brothers lineup. The only complaint that I could come close to making would be that the album is too short coming in at under thirty-five minutes. The same is true of the afformentioned opening track. At only 2:25, it always leaves me wanting more.

Obviously, Duane Allman is everywhere here. "Black Hearted Woman" has some real mean licks, as does "Every Hungry Woman". I disagree with an earlier reviewer that "Dreams" is a bit too long. At about seven minutes, it's just right. Hypnotic and slow grooving, there just isn't a better song on the album which brings me to "Whipping Post". This is a great tune that can't really be appreciaited unless you're attempting to blow your speakers by cranking them to 11. The opening bass and Duane's solo should be pretty recognizeable.

The first four albums by The Allman Brothers Band are all excellent, including this one. Each one doesn't quite sound like any other so enjoy this one early and often.

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