Friday, December 14, 2012

Loggins and Messina-Sittin' In Again

Sittin' In Again
These guys are just great songwriters, singers and players. Their talents just blend together so well, and on this CD it comes through better than ever. The band is tight, the vocals are right on, even after all these years. The way the songs are presented shows how much these guys like playing them. You can hear how much they are enjoying playing together again, it seems almost as much as the audience. A real good live performance from a classic rock band that can play any style from "Your Mama Don't Dance" to "Same Old Wine" and "Vahevala."

This is somewhat softrock and country rock kind of music, but I have always like these guys all way back to the eighties. Kenny Loggins just has such a perfect voice for folk music ("A Love Song" "House at Pooh Corner") and Jimmy Messina adds his unique country jazz touch. They were willing to experiment with different kinds of music and always have a tight band with them. The songs "Same Old Wine" "Changes" "Vahevala" and "Angry Eyes" are my favorites on the CD. Want to listen to music that reminds you of a warm summer night with a cold one in your hand, this is the one. 4 stars with something for almost everyone.

This CD is one of the results of that tour, as was the DVD, {a poster, was the only Loggins & Messina product, available for purchase at the 2005 concert.}

With: "Watching The River Run", "Peace Of Mind", "Your Mama Don't Dance", "Changes" "Angry Eyes", "Danny's Song" & "Nobody But You" included here, you DO have an updated Greatest Hits package, performed by {Still} two great voices, backed by an excellent supporting band. What you DON'T have is the rest of the concert. Without: "Be Free" {for many in attendance, the highlight of the entire show!} and the rest of the missing songs, this CD doesn't capture the good ol' timey feelin' of Loggins & Messina.

As it is true, that a double CD set, will not sell as many copies as a single disc package, we at least, have the answer to the question of just why: "Sittin' In Again" was shortchanged for CD release. This CD, is quite simply unfair to the fans of: Kenny Loggins & Jim Messina. And the addition of the nearly new tune: "Same Old Wine" that will make you wonder, just what the new material {no new material was produced for this reunion} would have been like.

But of course, there is the DVD of this concert, and if you want to hear and see the rest of the show, now you can do so {at a small additional cost!)

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