Wednesday, December 12, 2012

David Crosby-Its all coming back to me now

Its all coming back to me now
David Crosby's unique voice and guitar playing makes this a "must have" for any fan. He's relaxed, he's enjoying himself and that's what comes across on this "live" performance. In the absence of some stronger material, "In My Dreams" could have become his signature tune. This is a beautiful rendition of a classic song. "Hero" lacks the substance and backing of the version which he recorded with Phil Collins but it's still very good, as are "Till It Shines on You" and "Thousand Roads". "Cowboy Movie" stolen from "If Only I Could Remember My Name" is played with real feeling - it's almost a 10 minute track with Crosby's unmistakable vocals to the fore. After that he revives three of the first CS&N releases - "Long Time Gone", "Deja Vu" and what is I think one of his best, "Wooden Ships". If you like it live and you like it good then this is an excellent purchase. David Crosby is fantastic! He sounds better now than he did when this was done, but still this is a great live album! I highly recommend if you want to have fun listening to a spontaneous, creative song list. Very few people can sing like this man can,  his voice is so intense he can loosen your fillings,  This album will get you going early in the morning, Graham Nash and the singer from the Black Crows (Chris Robinson) join him at the end of the show.Great!

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