Thursday, December 6, 2012

Desert Rose Band-Pages of life

Pages of Life
I've been filling in my post-Byrds CD collection from various "Byrd-parts",and in the process have become a Chris Hillman fan,in his multiple incarnations.In the context of his diverse resume(Byrds,Burrito Brothers,solo,with Souther,Furay),his Desert Rose period seems to be a maturing of his journeyman experience with these other seminal bands.Well produced,nice sounding.More pop than the Burrito Brothers,less than the Byrds.A little more edge than the top forty(20?) country pop that has become ubiquitous on the airwaves of which this band was a precursor.  Early cuts that have captured my attention:"Start All Over Again","Darkness on the Playground"(a song with some social comment),and "God's Plan"(perhaps the spiritual center that mellows this band out).Easy to listen to,worth picking up either in a cut-out bin(my purchase),or at a reasonable price.Mellow Cosmic American Music.

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