Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jack Sundrud

Jack Sundrud
This is Jack's AutoBiography from his website:

Let's see... What would I say if I were me...

• I grew up in northern Minnesota. Small town; pop. 500. Oklee, by name. Got the music bug when I first heard the Beatles. Bought a guitar, played every night until my fingers bled. Joined my first band in high school. And that's what I'm still doing.

•In 1969, I was in an original country-rock band called Podipto, also from MN. We had a good bit of regional success and in '71, we did an album for GRT Records. The band toured with The Carpenters, Elton John, James Taylor, Laura Nyro and, fortuitously enough, Poco. I left in '73 to go to nearby Fargo, doing cover songs 4 sets a night, 7 nights a week for a steady check and free beer. While in Fargo, I worked with a whole bunch of great musicians and learned a whole lot about music.

• I moved to Nashville in '81. Worked as bassist/vocalist on the road with: Vince Gill, Dickey Betts, Nicolette Larson, Michael Johnson, Gail Davies, The O'Kanes, Gary Morris, Kathy Mattea and others.

• I was the singer/writer/rhythm guitar guy for Great Plains, a country-rock band on Columbia and later Magnatone Records. We had some minor success in the early 90s and hung it up in '96.

• Had a job as a staff writer for about 15 years. I've had songs recorded by several artists (see discography), including a #1 by Ty Herndon in '99.

• These days I'm working with the seminal country-rock band Poco. 2010 marked 25 years since I started. I love it. Great guys, great music.

•And I've hung out a production shingle as well. I was co-producer on David Llewellyn's self-titled debut CD and MBird's debut CD, "Over The Bones". I also produced Paul Cotton's, "When The Coast Is Clear" and 2 critically acclaimed CDs by Keith Miles; "What It Was They Became" and the latest, "Beyond the Headlights". Most recently, I produced (along with Ben Strano and Chris) Chris Ross' new CD, "The Steady Stumble". I've also produced my own bad self. My first solo release, "By My Own Hand" in 2005 and "Cage" in 2011.

• I dabble a bit in website design, as well. At first, I learned it so I could do my own site. But as I've learned more, friends have asked me to do their sites. I enjoy it.

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