Friday, September 21, 2012

Crazy Horse- Loose

Beautiful country-rock songs with a slightly wistful edge, an underrated album by the mighty Crazy Horse. Similar to country rock bands like Poco, all the songs are melodic and have pretty melodies. A consistently pleasing album. Is more smooth and low-key than the first Crazy Horse album, but shares a similarity in it's high quality songwriting. Especially good are the songs Move, Hit and Run, We Are All Alone Now, and I Don't Believe It, but all the songs go together very well. The lyrics are also very good, mostly about romance, and the different emotions involved with it. Special mention to George Whitsell, who writes the majority of the songs, the guitaring of Greg Leroy, the keyboarding of John Blanton and the heartfelt vocal harmonizing. The different songwriters all blend together seamlessly. And the unbeatable rhythm section of Billy Talbot and Ralph Molina is always excellent.

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