Monday, February 11, 2013

Outlaws-Playin to Win

Playin to Win
Occasionall mated with the Ghost Riders Album on one CD

This disc, without a doubt, is The Outlaws best release to date. Their vocal harmonies and dual lead guitar licks are the best in the business. All tracks are solid. "Southern Rock" at its finest. I wish I could say the same about "Ghost Riders". Somewhat disappointed this was included in the package. However, this disc accompanies me wherever I go. Finally able to acquire in a digitally remastered format. "Playin' To Win' has never offically been released on CD. The excitement of having "Playin To Win" on CD quickly vanished upon listening to it. Outlaw fans beware, this CD (at least the "Playin' To Win" tracks) are not from the original master tapes. Good southern rock and roll but not close to the original band's studio recordings: Outlaws, Lady in Waiting and Hurry Sundown. When Henry Paul left to go out on his own the quality and originality went with him. The performance of the song Ghost Riders in the Sky is very good but the rest of the album loses steam.

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