Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DVD Review-Poco-Keeping the legend alive

Keeping the legend alive DVD
Keeping the legend alive

This DVD has turned out to be the greatest surprise in many moons. The photography is mature and balanced. The venue, the audience, the lighting: all are in sync. But ultimately, great music is why I buy music dvd's, and this one has me very happy. The sound is full and rich- a gratifying mix of pensive and toe tapping. (I could listen to Rusty Young's slide guitar all night.) I can't help but think they're like the Eagles without the ego trips. Listener friendly, and timeless stuff. Great music. Great people.

Chances are you're not reading this without some knowledge of Poco. If you're in need of some confidence in the quality of the DVD, let me assure you, I had "0" problems with this CD/DVD set. Nothing but first rate.

My only complaint has to do with marketing- why is this set marketed as a music CD (with dvd add-on)? That too often means marginal quality video. Clearly not so in this case. I spend far less these days on CD's than I do on DVD's. This DVD should come up when customers search for new music DVD's. Poco would be making many more people happy. And more people would have yet another reason to agree that so much pop music of today is dismal in comparison.

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