Friday, January 25, 2013

CSN-After the Storm

After the storm

"After The Storm" is a very average CSN album. The songwriting and performances are all good, but they do not match up with the best stuff these guys have done. There is not much that really stands out here and not much that really sticks with the listener. The high points are few, with David Crosby's "Camera" being the best cut on the album. Stephen Still's guitar playing is another bright spot and he really lights it up on several of the tracks. Overall this is not a bad disc, but far from essential. A little spotty at times,But overall this album features some of their best work in years,especially song's like. It won'tgo away,camera,find a dream,and these empty days.Despite a couple weak song's it's definatly an encouraging boost from the album live it up.

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