Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Black Oak Arkansas-Aint Life Grand

Aint Life Grand
Definately one of BOA's "BEST" an album that has long been underated. Starting with a cover of George Harrison's "TAXMAN" to the Slow,sweet acoustics of "Diggin' for Gold". My favorite track "Rebel" features a totally awesome guitar solo, displaying the true genius of the three guitarist Stanley "Goober" Knight Rick "Richochet" Reynolds, and Jimmy Henderson, put together with the Nasty bass lines of Pat "Dirty" Daughtery, the drums of Tommy "Dork" Aldridge, and the Loud Raspy Growl of Jim "Dandy" Mangrum. This album is a "MUST" for any Black Oak Arkansas collection!
This is in my opinion the best Black Oak Arkansas album. Great songs, and an album you can listen through over and over again. The songs simply do not wear out. "Diggin' for Gold" is brilliant bluegrass-rock-stuff with a unique atmosphere. "Fancy Nancy", "Keep On", "Good Stuff" and "Back Door Man" are also brilliant rock songs. You can't dig them enough! "Let Life Be Good To You" is the final track and a more slow, but happy and really catchy song. I would say all songs are high lights! I wonder why this band ain't more famous? Get this album!

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