Thursday, November 29, 2012

Charlie Daniels

Charlie Daniels
Charles Edward "Charlie" Daniels (born on October 28, 1936) is an American musician known for his contributions to country and southern rock music. He is perhaps best known for his number one country hit "The Devil Went Down to Georgia", and multiple other songs he has written and performed. Daniels has been active as a singer since the early 1950s. He was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry on January 24, 2008.

Daniels was born October 28, 1936, in Wilmington, North Carolina, and raised on a musical diet that included Pentecostal gospel, local bluegrass bands and the rhythm & blues and country music from Nashville's 50,000-watt radio stations WLAC and WSM. Daniels grew up in the small town of Gulf located in Chatham County, North Carolina. His childhood home still stands in Gulf but is currently in a state of disrepair. He graduated from high school in 1955. Already skilled on guitar, fiddle, banjo, and mandolin, Daniels formed a rock 'n' roll band and hit the road.

Daniels enjoys hunting, fishing, skydiving, and other outdoor activities. He is a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA). Daniels married his wife, Hazel, in 1963. Together, they have one son, Charlie Daniels, Jr.  On January 15, 2010, Daniels was rushed to the hospital after suffering a stroke while snowmobiling in Colorado. He recovered and was released 2 days later.

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