Monday, September 16, 2013

Jimmy Buffett- White sport coat and a pink crustacean

White Sport Coat and a Pink Crustacean

Normally I would not post Jimmy Buffett music to a country rock blog, but  a few of his CD s are an exception, great C. Rock Tunes on this one.

After recording two albums for the obscure Barnaby label, Jimmy Buffett made his major label debut with A White Sport Coat & A Pink Crustacean. The album's title shows the humor that courses throughout the album as it is a take off on the old Marty Robbins' hit A White Sport Coat & A Pink Carnation. Mr. Buffett is a pre-eminate storyteller and the songs on the album sound like you could be sitting at a bar listening to him hold court. The album starts off with the hilarious "Great Filling Station Holdup" which tells of a small-time robbery gone wrong. "Railroad Lady" is a great country song that has been covered by Lefty Drizzel & Willie Nelson. "He Went To Paris" is a beautifully sad song while "Grapefruit (Juicy Fruit)" is a fun and goofy song. "Cuban Crime Of Passion" is one of his first songs to incorporate the Caribbean sounds that would become his signature sound. "Why Don't We Get Drunk" has become a staple in his concerts and has become an audience singalong. "Peanut Butter Conspiracy" tells of a struggling musician who may or may not be Mr. Buffett himself. "They Don't Dance Like Carmen No More" is a slight song and the only weak link on the album. "I Have Found Me A Home" and "My Lovely Lady" are two nice ballads. "Death Of An Unpopular Poet" is one of his most underrated songs and a vivid tale of a poet and his dog. This was his first album that he recorded after he went to Key West for the first time and although it is mostly a country-folk album, there are glimpses of the sound he would become famous for.

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